We strive to provide our customers with world-class, accurate and reliable services as a 100% Hungarian company in Hungary’s airports, thus contributing to the building of a positive image of Hungary.

Airport Service Budapest Ltd. has a basic objective of fulfilling the activities and services listed in its Statutes and registration to a high standard,both in accordance with domestic and international professional and quality management requirements and regulations.

The Company consciously strives to continuously improve the quality of its services in its special activities and provide a safe solution for their clients in a changing environment.


The legal predecessor of Airport Service Budapest Ltd. was founded in 1997, it still has 100% Hungarian ownership, it is owned by three Hungarian capital-strength companies: Civil Security Ltd., Valton-Sec Ltd., B+N Reference Ltd.

Over the past more than 2 decades, we have continuously expanded our portfolio in aviation security, ground handling, facility operations, passenger and property protection at Liszt Ferenc International Airport and Debrecen International Airport, serving major airlines.

Our strong ownership background, our commitment to improvements and quality is the guarantee that we provide a high-quality, safe solution for the airlines using our services.

The company has already started the expansion of the team needed to carry out the ground handling activity at Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport, the company is also expanding the ground handling equipment fleet. Thus, once the pandemic-related restrictions are lifted, we will be prepared for the restabilization of earlier levels of international passenger traffic.




Airport Service Budapest Ltd. operates in accordance with the following operating principles:
  • non-discrimination, equal treatment, guarantee of workers’ rights
  • safety, professionalism; legality; Efficiency
  • enforcing organisational and individual responsibility
  • environmental awareness
  • compliance with quality policy requirements
  • full compliance with contractual obligations
  • keeping trade secrets